Alcohol is medicinal, God created it – Fr Oluoma says as he quotes bible

Rev Fr Chinenye Oluoma, fondly called Fada Oluoma, has said that God created alcohol for consumption, and it is medicinal.

He stated this during weekly mass in church while noting that it is not wrong for someone to consume alcoholic drinks, but it must be done in moderation.

The Catholic priest quoted a Bible verse to buttress his point that it was approved by the Almighty.

Oluoma reminded the congregation that St. Paul told Timothy to drink wine because it will be helpful is tackling his ulcer.

He said everything that was created by God should be taken moderately to gain the benefits and alcohol is not an exception.

Fr Oluoma said; “Whether you like it or not Alcohol is medicinal, it’s God that created alcohol. St. Paul said to Timothy “Take it because it is medicinal”.

Why didn’t St. Paul tell Timothy ”Go and pray against your ulcer. Have faith in God he has promised us divine healing.”

“He said ‘take alcohol, take wine’. Everything God created, you know just like wine, if you take it as you should moderately, it will benefit you.

So those of you who like to take wine please drink it, but in moderate amount.”

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