AGN lied about providing support for my husband – Mr Ibu’s wife (Video)

Veteran actor, John ”Mr Ibu” Okafor’s wife, Stella Maris, has accused the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) of lying about providing support to her husband even before his health condition became public knowledge.

AGN, in a statement on Friday by its Director of Communications, Kate Henshaw, said it had made health insurance plans available to its members.

Mr Ibu wife AGN

The association released the statement to address earlier allegations of abandonment and lack of structure to support their colleagues.

“We want to set the record straight over the public outcry that the guild and his colleagues have abandoned him at his point of need.

“The guild has never abandoned any of its members in need especially with health interventions. We have been in the forefront of providing necessary support to Mr Ibu even before his health condition was ever made public. This has been done with the full knowledge of his immediate family members”.

Henshaw added; “The President went further to launch the trust fund where funds were raised to support the sick and incapacitated members as well as bereaved families under the supervision of Ms Joke Silva”.

But Ibu’s wife who had a live video session with VeryDarkman, said the statement released by the guild was only to save their faces as it is completely false.

According to Stella Maris, not only did she not get support from AGN prior to her husband’s deteriorating health, efforts to reach the Actors Guild proved futile.

“I am not happy at all. AGN came to be talking about what they did not do. Why would they come out to say they’ve been supporting my husband from the start when they did not do anything? I called Emeka Rollers, he didn’t answer; I texted, he read the message and did not reply,” she said in part.

In his response, VeryDarkman insisted that the guild lacked structure as he initially argued; hence, the reason for the attack on his personality from Nollywood stars over his statement.

Watch the video: