“After church we go shrine” – Blessing CEO Says as she visits river for New Year fortification (Video)

Controversial relationship therapist, Blessing Nkiruka Okoro better known as Blessing CEO has visited a holy river to fortify herself spiritually for the new year.

She shared a video and photos on her Instagram page showing how she soaked herself in the cleansing water. This came days after she attended Shiloh and prayed for husband.

Blessing could be seen wearing a red and white robe while in a river and she claimed to have taken sacrifice to the Goddess of 7 rivers.

After church we go shrine - Blessing CEO

She also emphasised the need for all forms of spiritual protection which is why she decided to visit a shrine after going to church.

She wrote: “Goddess of the 7 rivers I have come with your sacrifice… Root and culture. Thank you. They tried but it went back to sender….:

Blessing added: “After church we go shrine, after shrine we go river, then we use law ….. Deity ….. Juju, Shrine, Temple, River, Power, Water …….. we are fortified. We no go gree for anybody…”

Watch video below:

Meanwhile, in another news…

CorrectNG reported last December that the famous influencer renounced her wayward lifestyle and prayed to be married.

She recently attended Shiloh 2023 and in making her prayer request said she is tired of fornication and living waywardly. Blessing CEO prayed to God to give her a husband, while subtly lamenting about how she is a ‘relationship expert’ who is not in a relationship.

The 34-year-old counselor shared a video of herself at Shiloh where she went on her knees and screamed resounding Amen while the pastor prayed. She said that she’s praying for a husband at the church program so that she too can have a man to cook for and call hers.

She wrote: “Wayward life don tire me . Fornication don tire me. Give me my own husband. i don enter Shiloh go find husband and better prxxk. This relationship expert without relationship must end this 2023 . I am aggressive. Prayer point. Lord give us men wey don buy table. We move”.