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Advise your ‘rapper’ friend to go submit his CV and stop wasting money on studio sessions – Nigerian man



A Nigerian digital marketer with Twitter handle @Biisi96 has advised people to take it upon themselves to advise their friends who are aspiring rappers, to quit wasting money on it and go search for jobs.

He said that as a friend, one is meant to stop lying to their buddies who are dreaming of a career in music, rather if the person is whack at rapping, then they should do the right thing by telling the friend to go and submit CV instead of wasting money on a fruitless endeavour.

@Biisi96 said that even though the artiste might develop hate towards the friend, at least the right thing would have been done, in the form of an advise.

He wrote: “Tell that your rapper friend to go submit his CV today and start saving those studio session money.

Stop lying to them, they may hate you but at least you did the right thing.”

Read his tweet below:

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