Adanma Luke: Even in Hollywood mistakes happen – Uche Ogbodo

Popular Nigerian actress, Uche Ogbodo has once again come to the defense of filmmaker and actress, Adanma Luke, whose movie location led to the death of actor, Junior Pope and three others.

Ogbodo said that contrary to popular opinion, Adanma Luke is not “careless” and did not mean for the tragic boat accident to happen.

Adanma Luke: Even in Hollywood mistakes happen - Uche Ogbodo

However, during an exchange with fans who felt that the producer deserved to be prosecuted, Ogbodo stressed that similar mistakes happen even on Hollywood movie sets.

Ogbodo shared a picture of the embattled producer with the caption: “The strongest woman, determined, kind, and soft at heart. Neefe, your life is with you. See this one through. God gat you for life.”

In the comment section, one @miss_airlaa advised Ogbodo not to get involved in the matter, even if the woman in question was her friend, or else she would be scapegoated.

Replying to the comment, Ogbodo wrote: “She [Adanma Luke] is not a careless producer, only mistakes happen, even on Hollywood sets.”

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In similar news…

Just recently, actress Doris Ogala argued that Adanma Luke should be made to face the full weight of the law over her negligent action.

She was responding to her colleague, Uche Ogbodo who defended Adanma Luke by saying she was only a victim of circumstances by virtue of the fact that she was the producer of the movie.

Reacting to her statement, Ogala stated that ignorance is not an excuse and Adanma being a nursing mother shouldn’t be an excuse not to hold her accountable.

Doris Ogala wrote; “Uche Ogbodo you are my sister and I love you so much. But ignorance is not an excuse. We lost the lives of our members because of Adanma Luke shortcut to archive a movie with low budget by so doing endangering the lives of these innocent people. Let’s remove sentiments and emotions here. Junior Pope left behind his wife and children. The other crew members have families.

“So are u saying we should ignore this negligence from Adanma Luke because she’s a nursing mother? No, my girl. Adanma Luke and the owner of that movie should face the law. @emekarollas should stop shielding them. @ucheogbodo my sister’s ignorance is not an excuse.”