Actresses need BBL to get movie roles in Nollywood – Bayray McNwizu

Nigerian actress, Eberechukwu Nwizu aka Bayray McNwizu, has claimed that leading roles in Nollywood movies usually go to ladies who’ve undergone Brazilian Butt Lift, (BBL).

She disclosed this during TVC’s programme, Wake Up Nigeria, noting that having BBL has become one of the prerequisites for actresses to get movie roles from some producers.

The thespian said the Nigerian movie industry has improved over the years in terms of capital and infrastructure, but lamented that there was a decline in terms of raw talent.

Bayray McNwizu BBL

Bayray stated that producers are now opting for social media sensations they believe can promote their projects. She added that though the filmmakers have to make profit, there was a need for balance.

Nwizu said; “Ten years ago, it was you’re not fair enough, you’re not tall enough, you’re not full enough; now it’s you don’t have BBL.

“The good news is that now you don’t have to conform to them. You can take advantage of any of the streaming platforms, start creating your own content, and grow. We don’t have any excuses anymore. There are always going to be those who say, you have to do this to be in my movie.”

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Legendary Nollywood actor, Anayo Modestus Onyekwere, popularly known as Kanayo O Kanayo earlier condemned the act of undergoing Brazilian Butt Lift, (BBL).

In a video shared on his official Instagram page, the father-of-four noted that he prohibits his daughter from joining ladies who do bodily enhancements.

Kanayo recalled the story of a friend in the United States who narrated how a man convinced his girlfriend to do BBL which came with tragic consequences as the young lady contracted a severe infection.

According to him, the situation deteriorated to the point that her boyfriend could no longer stay in the same room with her due to the foul smell emanating from the infection. He revealed that the young lady sadly died few days later.

Kanayo who vehemently opposed BBL, invoked the curse of Amadioha, the god of thunder on any boyfriend that will encourage his daughter to undergo such.

He further wondered why anybody would willingly subject themselves to such pain in the pursuit of beauty, adding that the procedure is not worth it.

Sharing the clip, he wrote; “If Bum Bum enlargement was profitable, why are husbands not giving their wives money to do it.? Bum Bum enlargement is like boyfriend/ girlfriend relationship in Secondary School , not up to the 3% end in marriage. Sadly, this Bum thing many of the ladies do not end as wives.”