Actress Nkechi Blessing, boyfriend sign agreement to arrest anyone who breaks up first

Controversial Nigerian actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday and her boyfriend, Xxssive, have made an agreement to see to the arrest of either of them who dumps the other first.

Nkechi made this known via her Instagram story where she shared a copy of the police agreement which was drawn up and signed by both parties.

Though, the photo she posted looks like a copied template that was not signed manually, the actress gave the impression that her man was the one who approached the Police to get it done.

The Nollywood star said she woke up to receive the contractual agreement from her man.

Her name, Nkechi seemed to have been written with an editor marker on the document while his nickname, Xxssive was also on it.

“To think that I woke up to this hits different”, she captioned.

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In similar news, a young man who is a retired womaniser has cried out to his friend about being served breakfast by a girl he’s been dating for three years.

The friend went online and shared screenshots with the heartbroken man where he narrated how he discovered that his babe got married to another man.

He captioned; ”So a friend of mine has been dating this beautiful girl and to be fair, she has always seemed loyal and committed, he used to be a serial womaniser but the level of her commitment changed him as he felt she deserved to receive the same level of love and commitment he got from her.

He messaged me last night telling me about their break up, quite a funny one but true, attached is our chats before I met up with him, he’s a shadow of himself right now and I really don’t know how to help him, seems words aren’t good enough.”

In the conversation, the ex-womaniser revealed that he helped his girlfriend named Chidera, to prepare for a trip to her hometown as she had informed him that her sister would be getting married during the weekend and she even invited him.

He took his babe to the market and bought nice dresses for her to slay at the wedding and sent N50,000 to her sibling.

The boyfriend said he also drove his babe to the bus park on Thursday and they did not speak on Friday, which was the day for the traditional wedding while white wedding was to hold on Saturday.

She had apparently told him that Friday was a busy day for her and sent pictures of her in one of the dresses he bought.

He still did not realise what was happening until he attended the wedding reception and saw that the bride was his girlfriend of three years.

He said that he was unable to drive back home as a result of what he witnessed and another friend had to take him home.

The young man who was totally devastated talked about the attempting suicide because he could not handle what happened. His friend had to beg him to calm down that he was on his way to his house while they were still chatting.