Actress Lizzy Gold reveals she has never experienced heartbreak

Delectable Nigerian actress, Lizzy Gold reveals that in all her relationship life, she has never gotten her heart broken by a man.

The actress made this known in an Instagram post as she explained that she trained her heart to a point where she doesn’t easily catch feelings when she is dating someone.

Actress Lizzy Gold reveals she has never experienced heartbreak

Lizzy Gold described herself as a strong-willed person who has the strength to walk out of a relationship and move on before the other party does that.

According to the Nollywood person, she does not love with her head and she will have to marry a man first before she catches feelings for him.

She wrote; “I move on so easily and forget you ever existed …I have a delete botton app in my head, once am done with you I just delete all your memories…we must marry first before I catch feelings 😁To those currently going through heartbreak my sincere condolence….”

“I have never experienced heartbreak… My heart is made of Kpomo…… before you think of serving me breakfast I have already served you. I don’t love with my head.. I love with my shoulders so if you try to misbehave I will just drop you… I don’t easily catch feelings“.

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Actress Lizzy Gold reveals she has never experienced heartbreak

In similar news…

Earlier this year, ace singer and songwriter, Johnny Drille informed fans that despite recording songs about heartbreak, he has never experienced it firsthand.

The ‘How Are You’ crooner made the disclosure via Twitter, noting that he’s never suffered ‘real heartbreak’ as all the times he has written and sang songs, it was just a made-up experience.

Johnny Drille sparked reactions with the post which has gone viral as netizens suggested he asks colleagues Ric Hassani and Chike about their experiences.

He wrote: “Never really experienced real heartbreak firsthand, so for every time I’m gonna make a song about heartbreak, just know I’m making it up. But I promise you it’ll slap still.”