Actress, Laide Bakare denies marrying third husband

Controversial Nigerian movie star, Laide Bakare, has dismissed rumours of her getting married for the third time.

The actress, who’s had two failed marriages was recently said to have taken a third husband, after she flaunted a cozy clip with an unidentified man on the internet.

However, reacting to the speculation associated with the video, Bakare clarified that the man she was being loved-up with was her on-screen partner.

Laide Bakare husband

Taking to her Instagram page on Wednesday, the mother of three further urged the public to refrain from labeling the man as her spouse.

Laide said; “Stop it, you guys. I have made it clear before that my clip with my colleague was from a movie set. We portrayed lovers in multiple films consecutively. He’s not my husband, it is all acting.”

She added; “Pls hear me out 🙏 I Beg you 🙏 I’m still husbandless o 🤣 Na movie 🎥 o Lens on my beautiful skin 🕺🏻💃”

CorrectNG reported earlier that Laide Bakare opened up on the main reason she cannot return to any of her ex-husbands.

Laide said she has now attained the life she desired for herself and cannot compromise it for people who were not allowing her progress.

She recounted how one of her exes did not let her work, and she was prohibited from leaving the house as he wanted her to strictly be a house wife.

According to the controversial thespian who had a chat with Legit, her children are her life and the reason she is working very hard.

Laide Bakare, however, acknowledged that people her age may want to have a partner to have conversations with, but given how she’s structured her lifestyle, she knows that she will not having a boring old age.

She said; “I now have the life I wanted. Something I designed for myself. I foresaw the future. I tried another relationship and that one wouldn’t let me work. I couldn’t even step out of the gate of the house.

“I had two boys for him and I am grateful for that. My children are my life, they are the reason I am working so hard. Never say never but sometimes, it is what you want that you work towards.

“I know that maybe with old age, one may want to have a partner to gist with but with the plans I have for myself, my old age would not be boring.”