Actress, Iyabo Ojo issues warning to Cute Abiola for mocking her, says she needs lawyer

Nigerian actress, Iyabo Ojo has reacted to a video of skit-maker and comedian, Cute Abiola making jest of her.

He re-enacted one of the vocal Nollywood star’s viral Instagram content by mimicking her mannerisms and utterances.

Cute Abiola made himself to look like Iyabo Ojo, who is always rocking a bonnet during IG live sessions while addressing a controversial issue or calling out her colleagues.

In a video she reposted online, the content creator wore a black bonnet, eyeglass and talked like she did while defending herself over her choice in the general elections.

The mother-of-two playfully issued a warning to teach him a lesson whenever she runs into me. She then noted that she was in need of a lawyer to address the issue.

She captioned; “@thecuteabiola if catch you. I need a lawyer asap”.

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In other news, a Nigerian lady has bemoaned falling pregnant for a customer that patronised her services but denied being responsible.

She said that she took in for a guy in the course of doing ‘hookup’ and she informed him about the pregnancy but he deleted his WhatsApp after denying.

However, the lady said she is 100 percent certain that the man in question is her baby daddy and she does not know if she could go to his house to confront him.

She said she took morning after pills and it did not work as she is now one month gone, and given her current situation, she wants to keep the baby and run away from home.

In her words; “I got pregnant through hookup and I am one month gone. I chatted the guy I did hookup with that I’m pregnant but he denied it and deleted his WhatsApp. I’m 100% sure the child is for him.

I took some p!lls but I’m not sure the p!lls worked yet. I’m thinking of keeping the pregnancy and running away to avoid people laughing at me. Is it advisable to go to the guy’s house and confront him?”