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Actress, Empress Njamah loses 300 fishlings worth over N1m



At a time that people are celebrating the yuletide season and counting down to red January where they hope to replenish depleted funds, Nigerian actress, Empress Njamah has suffered a huge loss in her cat fish business.

The actress announced the loss on Instagram, saying in her 8 years of farming, she has never experienced a thing like this before.

Taking to her Instagram page, she made the announcement writing; ”HUGE LOSS. In my 8 years of FARMING this is the first time am experiencing such a huge loss, over 300 fishes of 3kg n above for just a fish, times it by 300,way over a million naira…

“really sad n depressing,it’s well….either food or water was polluted #farmer #catfish #wewontstop”

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