Actress Doris Ogala calls out Benedict Johnson for allegedly defrauding her

Nollywood star, Doris Ogala has accused her colleague, Benedict Johnson of alleged fraud and betrayal.

She claimed Johnson has been owing her some money for five years, but he refuses to pay till date and always gives her flimsy excuses.

In a series of Instagram posts, Ogala described the actor as an ‘evil’ person who caused tremendous harm to her reputation by spreading lies.

Actress Doris Ogala calls out Benedict Johnson for allegedly defrauding her

The actress also blasted him for criticizing her friends Tonto Dikeh and Halima Abubakar and badmouthing them to different people.

Doris Ogala said; “Benedict Johnson, you see ehhh if I open my mouth and speak all the evil you have done to me. You will tell the world if I’ve ever offended you in my life. I want my money now.

It’s been 5 years of land fraud. I won’t take it anymore. If Uve been deceiving others with your look of innocence. Not anymore. To think you sit in the front seat at @realjerryeze my brother’s church. I’m wondering if God does open his eyes to see how devilish you are. I’m coming. Even all you said against my friend Tonto to almost everyone you came across. Let me not receive my money by tomorrow morning.

I’ve helped many friends who backstabbed me badly. I said I will not call anyone out again because when you try to express how You’ve been hurt by those closest to you. You get bullied by people on the internet space. But Benedict Johnson has done me too much damage. They hurt you but when you react. They tag you as troublesome. I’m a very sweet soul.

I’ve touched the lives of almost everyone who has come across me. Ben, you want this right? I will give you. Benedict, you said many bad things about me. You damaged my name so much. Karma is here. I will tell My story. The whole truth of how wicked and evil you have been to me. is it Tonto? All you said about her. Benedict, I want my MONEY.. It’s been 5 years of different stories. No land. Not even my money. This is fraud. I want my money back and I want it now. Enough is enough. Or is it the recent one with Halimar Abubakar? Benedict, you are evil. 👆

Oh no, Benedict. It’s not going to be business as usual. I’ve submitted a petition for fraud. We are doing this. Is either you kpai me or you return my money. But you kpai me. I carry oil on my head.. Ask your fellow wizards. Benedict, I’m ready this time. I want my money.

No no. It’s time to expose you. Ahhhhh you think you can just defraud me like that. 5 years. Are you kidding… no land, no money. One thing must happen. I’m so ready. I want my money. Benedict your cup is full. I’m going to any length. And every length. I want my money. Can’t kpai me👆

Just give me my money and stay on your own. Gush.. do you know what this wizard did to me? And still doing. I’m coming live. Let me just narrate one. Benedict, you want it. I will give it to you. You’ve wanted to trend. I will help you. Let’s begin.”

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