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Actress Bukola Olatunji states there’s no wrong with women flaunting their endowments



Popular Nigerian Yoruba actress and model, Bukola Olatunji, has stated in an interview that women flaunting their endowments have not done anything wrong.

While speaking to The Vanguard in an interview, the actress stated that it is time for women to appreciate themselves even if no one does

“Being sexy to me comes with an attitude of confidence and being comfortable with one’s body and self… And I will say women should flaunt their endowments, because you have to appreciate yourself if no one appreciates you.”

Speaking on the influence of Social Media, Bukola said, “As an actress, Social media has and will continue to be of great benefit. It doesn’t only help with personal name and brand recognition, but it can connect you with peers and industry professionals you should know (and who should know you!).”

“Plus, when it comes to larger film projects, casting directors and marketing departments are definitely paying attention to actor’s social media followings to gauge their online reach—for better or worse.”

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