Actor, Sylvester Madu stirs reactions after being spotted selling okrika in Enugu (Video)

Nigerians have taken to social media to express worry after Nollywood actor, Sylvester Madu was spotted selling second-hand clothes aka okrika at a market in Enugu.

The 48-year-old movie star who has starred in several action movies looked unkempt and was selling wares from the floor.

A video which is trending online shows that Madu had grown bush beards and kept a rough afro, but he was still recognised by residents.

People were shocked to see him in that condition, however, social media users shared divergent opinions on the matter.

Some of the films he’s starred in include; Death of Shita Rambo, Bullets of Justice, Emotional Tears and To Love an Angel.

Watch the video below:

brownskin_gift_; Bro is trying to make money and you’re making this video for what to happen na? Abeg leave him to make his money o. Man has to eat. Whether he’s was an actor or a bbn housemate. Let them be ooooo. They are human beings.

ble.any; Does dignity in labour only apply abroad? Why are you trying to shame him for an honest hustle? If he comes online to beg, will you help him?

digital6ix; We play too much in this country, this man posted something on his Instagram page with over 200k followers. I think it’s a new movie coming up and they need publicity

thevc_store; There is dignity in Labour please. How much do they really pay these guys ??!!

jovienne__; If this is true, stop making videos like this trying to shame people for hustling in another field if their career is not enough to keep them, instead of begging. There’s dignity in labour👏

deewhowrites; Not y’all thinking acting/nolly is gold pot😂 please allow him do his business in peace. God bless his hustle ❤️🙌

oluwadunsin; I hope it’s not scope to deceive gullible Nigerians just like awon happie boys ….. no insult o I obviously said “ I hope” cos I know some of una no get home training

iam_israel5; Be like say nollywood no dey pay this actors well oo,na why most of them are into brand influencing and doing their own personal businesses to support themselves

organicoilplus; It could be a movie, even if is real please what is wrong with selling, why try to bring him for public ridicule

irene_nkem1111; There is something called dignity of labor… it’s better to work and feed yourself in any possible legit way than begging.