Actor, Emeka Amakeze blasts colleague Yul Edochie over attack on Rufai Oseni

Nigerian actor, Emeka Amakeze has berated his colleague, Yul Edochie following his criticism of Arise TV anchor, Rufai Oseni.

CorrectNG recalls that Yul had called out Oseni over his style of journalism while reacting to his interview with All Progressives Congress Chieftain, Jesutega Onokpasa.

The actor accused the journalist of being unprofessional and disrespectful, adding that he has no “moral right to talk where people with integrity are taking.”

Amakeze Yul Edochie

Yul said; “Is this not the same Rufai Oseni that was caught driving against traffic driving on BRT lane in Lagos around last year or so? And when the officials stopped him instead of apologizing and accepting he is at fault, he said ‘do you know who I am? I’m going to call the Governor of Lagos State’

“Same Rufai Oseni, who was insulting people on national TV? All in the name of doing journalism, my friend sit down, you don’t have any moral right to talk where people with integrity are taking.

“You are talking nonsense on the national TV, you are a very disrespectful person, you have no respect for the laws of the country.

“Who taught you journalism? The first thing they should’ve taught you is to respect your guests. If you have a guest and you’re talking in a manner the guest does not like, first thing you do is apologize to that guest, make the guest feel comfortable, then you continue with your question.

“How can you tell a guest that if they are not comfortable, they are free to walk out? You were even laughing at your guest. Same Rufai that is insulting people on national TV, acting like a god. You have no moral justification to talk to anybody that way. You’re not better than any Nigerian”.

Reacting to the viral video, Emeka Amleze urged his fellow actor to learn when to shut up because he was apparently not making sense.

He wrote: “Yul should learn to know when to shut up and go boil an egg or do something else. What in the name of struggling to make sense is this?”

Amakeze Yul Rufai