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Actor, Dike ”Apama” Osinachi disowns daughter after she picked N50k over a plate of rice (Video)



Nollywood actor, Dike Osinachi aka Apama, on Wednesday, jokingly expressed doubt that he is the real father of his daughter, Zim Audrey.

This is because his daughter chose N50,000 over a plate of rice when presented with both options.

In a video which Dike shared on Instagram, he conducted a home-based social experiment where a plate of rice was placed before the little girl alongside N50k cash.

Audrey was asked to choose one from the two items, and surprisingly, she stretched out her hand and made for the N50,000 cash on the table.

Reacting, Apama was heard in the video asking her to think about it and be sure about her decision but the little girl insisted on taking the cash.

Sharing the video, he wrote; “I have seen the love of money in you. This is not my blood cos I don’t like money too much”.

Watch video below:

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