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Activist, Harrison Gwamnishu raises alarm over “assassination attempt” by men riding in police van (Video)



Nigerian activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, has raised alarm after surviving an alleged assassination attempt on his life in Asaba, Delta state on June 22.

A video he shared on his Facebook page showed some men riding in a police van signaling him to stop before one of them pulled out his gun and pointed it at him.

Narrating what happened, Harrison wrote; ‘‘THEY POINTED THE GUN AND PULLED THE TRIGGER.

Today I escaped assassination attempt by some men dressed on black driving a black Hilux Vehicle with the inscription POLICE (NIGERIA POLICE) fully armed with AK-47 riffle.

This happened today at 1:40pm before the Asaba International Airport. Immediately I noticed I was being trailed, I held my phone with my left hand and drove with my right hand.

I don’t know who they are or who sent them.

The Delta State Police should immediately fish them.

This is the second assassination attempt.

My time has not come”

Watch the video below:

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