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Activist, Harrison Gwamnishu exposes POS lady who helps police to extort Nigerians

Nigerian rights activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, has called on the police authorities to mete out the appropriate punishment to members of IGP-STS who extort victims with the assistance of a female POS operator.

He identified the woman as Lizzy Amos and revealed that she uses her POS business as a front for laundering money.

According to him, the POS agent received N22 million within 24 hours from residents that were extorted and she transferred the sums to different officers based on their agreed cuts.

Harrison Gwamnishu exposes POS lady who helps police to extort Nigerians

Harrison, who posted a photo of Lizzy, said her share from the proceed was N1.8 million. But the financial institution was able to block her account after the matter was reported.

Sharing images, he wrote; “Att: @PoliceNG @Princemoye1 @PSCNigeria

This lady here is LIZZY AMOS, the POS woman helping the police IGP-STS to launder money. From their checkpoint, they call her to confirm alert transferred out from victims account to her MONIE Point account.

From the N30,300,000, she received a total of N22,000,000. It took her less than 24 hours to transfer same to other bank accounts provided by the police officers. (ALL THESE ACCOUNTS ARE WITH THE IGP TEAM INVESTIGATING THIS CASE). Her own share of the money was 1.8 million.

STATUS: @moniepointng reached out to me and helped in blocking her account and that 1.8 million naira share she received is intact.”

See the post:

Reacting, @babskay24; Harrison my man . God will keep protecting you from the evil eyes and from the wicked & corrupt system . If these criminal officers are not being backed by some rogue senior officers, by now their faces should be plastered all over the dailies & social media . They are nothing…

@DigitNovaya; There are more criminals in uniform than outside the system.

@MeduguOS; Why did Moniepoint Anti-Fraud system not flag the suspicious transactions? Multiple transfers of N1m to same POS in quick succession should be a RED FLAG.

@Lexyzdoo; Why won’t see be doing the job 1.8m for using her POS point. Omo. She’s a criminal too

@addel_cares; Every day that passes, these guys continue to give me more reason to be scared of my country. I hope we get liberated someday.