Acting does not pay my bills – Funny Bone

Nigerian comedian and actor, Stanley Chibunna, popularly known as Funny Bone has said that acting does not pay his bills, so it is something he does for passion.

He said that he enjoys doing standup comedy as much as being in a movie, but he prefers performing comedy on stage.

The comic act stated this in an interview while talking about how he juggles being in both the comedy and movie industry.

Funny Bone also dismissed the perception that many actors are stereotyped in the industry, as what is happening is that the Nollywood stars are taking up roles they are comfortable with.

He said; “I enjoy doing stand-up comedy, as much as I enjoy being an actor. I am a trained actor, who studied Theatre Arts in school. Acting was my first love but I prefer doing stand-up. Stand-up comedy comes naturally to me.”

On the matter of stereotyping, the comedian added; “I don’t think actors are being pinned to particular roles. It also about the actors doing what they are comfortable with. Acting does not pay my bills. It is actually something I do for the passion; so, if I must do it, it must add value to my brand as a comedian.

“When I am really ready to do acting, I will take on roles that would show my range, depth and the profundity of my character. For now, I just do what I can do, as long as it adds value to my brand.”

In other news, an African American man has revealed that since he started dating his girlfriend 10 months ago, he’s been the one paying all her bills.

He said that his salary is three times more than her own so he vowed to never let her handle any of her bill payment.

According to the boyfriend, his babe has now cleared her student loans, improved her credit score and he loves that she is living comfortably at is expense.

He wrote; I make over 3x what my girl makes and she pays zero bills. In the 10 months we’ve dated, she’s paid off her student loans, beefed up her emergency funds, and improved her credit score. Love that for her.

“What if she leave you?” Door is wide open 🤷🏾‍♂️

I was raised to always leave places, jobs, and people in better shape than when I first met them so if she did leave, I’ll be perfectly fine.

I add value to others b/c it’s who I am, not b/c I want or expect something in return.

“What does she do for you?”

“What does she bring to the table?”

Don’t worry about it. Focus on being someone with values and character. You’ll then attract the kind of partner who will uplift you spiritually so can accomplish your goals and bring home the spoils.

Reacting, @Statetolake said; That’s wassup my nigga fr but they gon drag me for this but I have to ask. What’s the point of y’all being together if she does nothing for you? Ppl saying that’s how you build but what is she adding? I’m seriously curious

@jcrxci; Lol why do you think if a woman doesn’t pay bills, she’s not bringing anything to the table? I’m seriously curious

@shawn_sav; Lol this is one of those topics that are touchy. Men won’t agree (they have their reasons) and women will agree (they have their reasons). I’ll say this to say, okay it’s cool that you take care of shorty. However if the roles were reversed, women would chastise you 😭

@jcrxci; As they should. As a man, the roles should not be reversed. That’s just me tho

@ChihearsaWho; Also came back to say 10 months is too soon into a relationship to be giving testimonials. Maybe in 10 years or when you get married then you can be posting this. Because I’m scared for you my brother. No self respecting human being should let someone pay ALL their bills day 1.