Abroad-based man devastated as wife squanders millions he sent home for land

A Nigerian man residing abroad, has cried out bitterly after discovering that the N10 million he sent home was squandered by his wife.

Businessman and Influencer, Kelvin Onovo took to Facebook and shared the message the affected man sent to his inbox.

He revealed that he sent the huge sum of money to secure 2 plots of land but his wife diverted it for her personal use.

The abroad-based man said he later had to send more money to his brother to get the land that his wife failed to buy.

The message read: “From my dm. “Good evening sir kelvin. “I Read your post about being abroad and sending money to family to get properties. “Mine was my dear wife, the first 10m I sent to secure 2 plots of land went down the drain…

“Subsequently, I had to start sending to my younger bro who I knew was to be trusted with funds and truly, he didn’t disappoint… Got 3 plots of land and started off something on one but my dear wife told me she won’t move into the house when completed as it was an insult to her as a wife for my bro.

“To be the one incharge of “her husband’s money” when she’s still alive. Bro, if after that house is completed and my wife doesn’t move in. lam taking another wife ASAP. I deprive myself luxury here just to get them a place to call theirs but see her actions.”

Man send wife 10m land

Social media users shared divergent opinions on the matter.

Jennifer Edmond; If she doesn’t want to live there,drag her to the house. She supposed to be feeling remorseful but instead stubbornness still dey her head.

William A Mentus; You give her the power to say that. If you had question her, to give detailed if your 10M or you end the marriage and she beg and beg. All this won’t have been happening, Amen.

Ezekiel Paul; You still addressing her as your wife sounds silly to me. Isn’t it obvious she doesn’t share in your vision? Your plans ain’t sh.it to her cos she has hers going on secretly. Only God knows what she’s been down to with some dudes in d hood while you’re away.Yeah I’m judgemental like that .

Anita Chidera Harddõllãr said; I actually cannot support you because I’ve not heard her side of the story… And her spending 10M that way is quiet too out of context, but you, when you married her, you should have known she’s a spender and would have known how to manage her spending habits. “But I can’t still judge or support you, till her side of the story is heard.