Abroad-based lady rolls in Benin mud after discovering her brother squandered her money (Video)

A Nigerian lady returned home after 15 years of living and working abroad only to be left totally shattered by the disappointing reality she met.

In a video making the rounds on the internet, she could be seen rolling in muddy water after being informed that her sibling vanished with her money.

It was gathered that she had been sending money to her brother for a building project and he assured her that it will be complete before she comes back to Nigeria.

However, she recently flew back to Benin, Edo state and on landing, discovered that her brother squandered the funds she was sending to him for the house.

Watch video below:

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In another news…

A Nigerian man, simply known as Joseph is currently heartbroken after discovering that two out of his three children were fathered by his elder brother.

He shared his discovery with a blogger, who in turn posted it on Facebook. Joseph, revealed that he has been in the United Kingdom on a visiting visa for five years, so his wife and three children were left back in Nigeria in the care of his elder brother.

According to him, during his stay in the UK, he frequently sent money back home for the construction of a house and the upkeep of his family.

He recently traveled back to Nigeria to arrange visas for his family to join him in the UK, and part of the requirement wa for him to prove they are his kids by conduct DNA tests.

Much to Joseph’s surprise, when the test result came out, it revealed that he is the biological father of only the first child, and he ha not been able to forgive his wife or brother.

He wrote in part; “My name is Joseph, I have traveled to UK for over 5 years now, I left my wife in Nigeria bcos I traveled to the UK via visiting visa, I can work over here but I can’t travel to back to Nigeria without getting my papers ready here.

I have been working so hard here sending money to my senior brother to help me build my house and take care of my wife and our parents…

Secondly after processing the visa for my wife and children, embassy request for DNA test of the children, only the first born belongs to me, the 2 children belongs to my same elder brother.