Abroad-based lady in desperate search of Anambra man to marry to her

A Nigerian makeup artist identified as Mena Osuji has taken her search for a husband to social media.

The young woman who lives abroad revealed via Twitter that she is seriously looking for a man from Anambra state to be her husband.

Mena noted that to be eligible, an interested candidate’s genotype must be AA and he should be living in a foreign country too.

She said that she was no longer finding the idea of being single as something to play around with.

“But for real, I’m looking for an Anambra husband ohh. This thing don commot from play ohh.

I Dey serious and please sir remember you have to be AA and living in this same abroad as me sha,” Mena tweeted.

See her post:

Some Twitter users gave recommendations and suggestions on how she can go about her search to get the desired outcome.

@Saba0561; Anyone who is abroad should look for wife or husband there simple

@NellyDonDada; I retweeted. Goodluck. I will also suggest that you send @AfamDeluxo the profile of what you desire. He has a wider reach of Anambra guys and he is playing cupid.

@JEXXIQAR; I know an Anambra man who is AA, lives in Pennsylvania but segalink tall pass am and he must always win arguments.

@onekeyshot; If you want to win a man’s love (unconditional), be unconditionally respectful to him too. That’s the secret to getting a true Anambra man. And it will be difficult getting your speck since you limited your search zone.

@CMbanewe; Your conditions or requirements get as e be. The medical one is understandable but for others, I beg be OPEN!

Similarly, a Nigerian man recently launched a search for a husband on his girlfriend’s behalf, but without her knowledge.

He decided to help her get a man who will marry her because all her friends are settling down and he’s not financially ready even though she’s done a lot for him.

The boyfriend outlined her qualities and mentioned the type of man who would be good for her, and said they can make the marriage plans together as men without informing her.

He said the eligible person should be between 28 and 32 years old and must be comfortable enough to take care of his girlfriend who will turn 25 this year.

In his words; Good Morning, I’m in search of a husband for my girlfriend, She has really tried for me, she loves with all her heart and is shy or scared of other guys cause of what guys do, so mingling is hard for her.

She’s a graduate of a medical course. She’ll be 25 this year. I’m doing this cause almost all her friends are getting married and I don’t know if I’ll get money to marry her. I’ve tried with all my power to raise money but I don’t know if I’ll be able to raise money. I’m a graduate too. Pls I need a good husband for her, even if it hurts to set her free cause she’s a very wonderful person.

Pls be a working class man between 28-32. You have to be comfortable cause I don’t want her to suffer as she has suffered already with me. I feel sad everyday as I go out there and come back with little money. And you know women don’t have time on their side. It hurts everyday and I want her to be in a happy place.

She has a good height too. She’s not aware of what I’m doing. If you’re ready we can plan it well, I’ll break up with her harshly, then you stop her on the way to console her. Pls be a serious man that is ready to settle down, I promise not to ever call her while you’re with her. If you’re ready to settle down this year please look for a way to contact me so we fix the plan well. I want her to rejoice too and be happy as I’ve been unable to raise money after toiling day and night.