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A woman will never cheat if you give her enough money and attention – Nigerian Man



A Nigerian Twitter user has stirred a controversial debate on the social networking service about how to ensure a woman never cheats.

The man identified as Bala Adamu said that a woman would never cheat on her man so long as her boyfriend or husband gives her four key things.

He listed the things that would prevent a woman from cheating as, giving her a lot of money, dedicating enough time to her, giving her undivided attention and being good in bed.

He wrote; ”A woman will never cheat on you if you give her enough money, time, attention and Good S*x.”

In reaction, Roboh said; Woman wey God draw hin own eyebrows for wey them shave am off draw there own put…she will not what again ?!!!!!!

Makanaki; Na who na know weda this site get virus una go de post rubbish

shizzy; For where ,they’re the most confused being. Anything can happen but u might be lucky to av a good one.

Steady; Who go cheat go cheat, leave that thing

Presido; If you like dash her 100M, if u like buy her house or car, woman way go cheat go cheat, it’s just that some ladies her destined to dey Waka Waka

YAB THEM: yab them no dey beg any woman anyone where fuck herself up don reach their house i dont get time for nonsense

Ezekiel Glory Elizabeth; Remove your heart and give to a lady for her to know you love her dearly, it doesn’t stop them from cheating. They will just put your heart in a warmer or refrigerator and go out to that guy/man to cheat. I b lady, I know many of them.


Young Mon£y; Who go cheat go cheat, the car and the money you’re given her is just to fill in the gap

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