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A woman can ‘win’ a caring man with her money – Relationship Counselor



A popular relationship Coach on Twitter has stated that there are men who do not mind being ‘house husbands’ while their wife becomes head of the house.

He said that a woman can also use her money to win a man over just like it is done when the roles are reversed.

The Counselor, however, said that such a man is caring but a downside is that he will most definitely cheat on his partner despite the fact that she provides for the family.

He wrote; ”A woman can actually “win” a man with her own money.

And if that man marries her, she’ll be the “husband” & him, the “wife”.

There are Men who don’t mind doing the dishes, going to the market & cleaning the home.

Those men are so loving & caring but they’ll still cheat.


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