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‘A Selfish Plague’ – Young Nigerian man writes an interesting poem about Corona Virus



Poem by Michael Oyibode Ohrerhe

Selfish Plague

Oh Corona virus!
Few months ago,
You were discovered in china.
Your eagerness to spread,
Supersedes your acceptance to be controlled.

What do you want from us exactly?
How do you want people to live?
Why so mean to ravage beyond repairs?
Why so interested in waste?
With all the lives lost, you’re still not satisfied.

Imagine the hearts you’ve broken!
Imagine the homes you’ve wrecked!
Imagine the wealth you’ve exhausted!
Imagine the death you’ve recorded!
Imagine, oh ye virus!

Please, where is our hope?
Gently hear the cry of the carrier,
And the plea of the people.
Think of the time you’ve consumed,
And be prepared to give a chance now.

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