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A Nigerian man was rushed to the hospital after taking too much chloroquine to avoid catching coronavirus – Doctor reveals



Amid global concerns over the coronavirus pandemic and the recent revelation by US President, Donald Trump that Chloroquine can be used to treat the virus, a Nigerian man has taken drastic measures to keep himself protected.

He reportedly decided to take chloroquine in large doses in order to protect himself from COVID-19 but ended up being rushed to the hospital as he was unconscious.

A Nigerian doctor with Twitter handle @aproko_doctor who shared the story, revealed that the man also gave it to his children in huge quantities.

@aproko_doctor wrote: “Breaking News

“They just rushed someone into a hospital, he was unconscious

“What happened? Went to drink a lot of chloroquine because they said chloroquine cures Coronavirus. Has been giving his kids too

“Nigerians, every drug is a poison including chloroquine

“Use your head.”

See his tweet:

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