A married man chided me for refusing to be his side chic – Female doctor

A Ghanaian medical doctor has shared the details of her interaction with a married man whose advances she turned down.

The woman known as @Dr_nuellie_ said she refused to date him and told the man that she does not want the same to happen to her when she gets married.

According to her, the man tried to persuade her by saying that even if she does not do it someone else will do it to her.

She tweeted; ”I told a married man I didn’t want to get with him cos I’d hate for it to be done to me and he said “Woanyɛ kraa yɛde bɛyɛ wo nti feel free wai”

So the consensus is that all married men cheat? Ei. Translation for non Twi speakers, “Even if you don’t do it it’ll be done to you so feel free”

See the post:

In reaction, @Mflex_joe; Doesnt work like that sweetheart. You should just tell him I don’t do married men. just pray your man doesn’t cheat indiscriminately and does it with one neat girl. You can give him rubber when he steps out or even invite her over for family dinners. Stay safe.

@soft_n_fulffy; I told him I don’t do married men…he said “why? You are scared someone will do some to you? I married my wife a virgin o but see”……

@HisWordisLuv; Not all men wai. These comments make it normal to cheat. There are men who are too wise for this. Shift your focus.

@SOCCACESS88; You see that your response to him gave him the temerity to tell you that, huh? Because if you told him straight that, man, l don’t love you he’ll not tell you that. Girls should be straight.

@5G06021008; Obaa, let your NO be NO, where from this, I dont want it to be done to me? Kyer3 s3, if you u get u go do, but u scared of karma. His response is normal, cos most men will have that same response just bcos he sees high chance of eating you, cos u acting “as if as if”

@InterBoy1908; If you’re deeply rooted in sunsum sore and committed to acts of spirituality, your husband CANNOT cheat. He may want to but something will keep stopping him.

@geewelle; Truth is when someone loves you he/she naturally wouldn’t cheat…but it takes more than sex and married to prevent cheating. Respect , understanding, maturity , good advisors , high EQ and a whole lot of things to be for your partner not to cheat.