A man worth N5 million is not ready for marriage – Nigerian lady

A Nigerian lady has said that a man who has five million naira in his account should not be thinking of marriage.

She said that such a man cannot afford to get married because N5m is a small amount of money.

Speaking during a street interview, the lady said she cannot marry him if he were to propose to her because they would have financial challenges.

According to her, when the man is done with the wedding ceremony, he would most likely enter the marriage as a broke husband.

”Do you want him to go broke after the marriage? five million is small,” she said.

Watch video below:

ese._lee; Due to how expensive things are currently, I think she is right. For me I will rather suggest we grow the money by investing on a good business first to prevent going broke after wedding. My point of view though.

ngozi.eth; But make we no lie😂 5 million no really be money oo, Cuz 5 million can’t even host you a standard wedding currently ❌🧢 With 5 million now, you’re only at the boundary between rich & Sapa

elenujabala; It’s actually fact, unless you want to do court wedding with 3 people in attendance..you will still spend up to 300k

iamkingrufy; When you don cross 30+ you go find the one wey get 1m 😂

jerusalem_212; It’s always the broke girls aiming for an extravagant wedding ceremony. Most of them end up in debts afterwards

chuks_money; She’s right but how much she get 💁🏾‍♂️ as a team if you get 3m join na 8m life don start. Vote Peter Obi/ Datti check my status

iamakubillions; And your father don’t have up to 500 naira for piggy box

offi_cial_emmyrandz; Like this 5 million u ain’t even rich you still broke as I buy car na em I Sabi

mojorbrown; This person family fit never witness 500k cash down in their family account

rich_thug007; With the way the economy is right now she is right u will go broke after the marriage

egbondesmond; I don’t know about all these expenses of a thing, As I dey now I nor sure if I go spend reach 500k or 1m. Because people dey wey go give me free cows, free rice , free drinks and hall for the ceremony so I don’t think I will be spending much, my family and friends expecially my club members dey force me to marry na me never see person marry.

But 5M go reach now, there’s life after marriage oh madam. Men please marry woman wey get sense abeg even if she nor get atleast make she dey God fearing or has sympathy for your unborn children because na those children go suffer am.

In related news, a Nigerian man has appealed to the public to support his upcoming wedding financially because he is incapable of handling it all by himself.

The guy sent an email to a Non-governmental organisation, Halal Foundation to intercede on his behalf and make his situation known to Nigerians.

In a letter he wrote, the Kaduna state indigene revealed that his wedding is coming up on 3rd of March, 2023.

He said his parents died when he was still in secondary school and he expressed hopes of getting the support he needs.

The man also listed items which are needed for the wedding and released the prices in dollars.

Most of the items of the list are clothes and clothing accessories which range from $50 to $100 while the one thing that stood our was his house rent which he said is $250 dollars.

Halal shared the letter on its Twitter page and wrote; ”A brother emailed us that he need your help for his marriage coming soon.”

The young man’s letter read in part:

Request for Marriage Funding Assistance

I, Hassan, am writing to beg financial support for my upcoming marriage. My parents died when I was in Senior Secondary two, and I am a native of Katsina State, Nigeria, where I had my elementary and secondary education (2). Later, I went to Polytechnic and earned a diploma in Computer Science.

I put my complete mind and confidence on your side, knowing that by God’s grace, you will help me opt out of the crucial circumstance I find myself in with whatever you intend to provide me as my marriage will be done on March 3rd, 2023 by next year by God’s grace.

I would be quite grateful if you could support and assist me in carrying out my marriage without the need for a loan from a bank or making me feel concerned.

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