A man will only ever meet 3 good women in his lifetime – Doctor Tufab

Nigerian love doctor and Instagram influencer, Tufab, has said a man is allowed to encounter only three good women in his lifetime.

He said the reason is because one could mistakenly abuse the first opportunity of being with a woman of value, so he gets a second chance.

Doctor Tufab explained that if a man meets another good lady, there is a chance he may not be truly ready to settle down with her.

However, if he meets another and fumbles that last chance, then he should just forget about genuine love because girls of easy virtue that he will meet till his old age.

Tufab said; “You’re only allowed 3 good women in this life. You will mistakenly abuse the opportunity of the first one, maybe the second you weren’t really ready.

Once you play with the 3rd one, my brother just turn Gay. Cause na Ashawo you go dey meet till you old finish.”

Meanwhile, Tunde Ednut urged men to protect the woman they have because there is a scarcity of quality women in the society.

He wrote; “Na werey and Wookup plenty for town now Oo! Protect that good woman Oo! and behave yourself as well. God bless you.”

In other news, actress Sarah Martins opined that it is possible for a man to love, protect, and provide for his side chic while still loving his wife and family.

She, however, said the same is not the same for women as a wife can never cheat on her husband and still love him like before.

Taking to her Instagram page, Sarah said once a woman cheats, she begins to look at her man in a condescending way and starts faulting everything he does.

The curvaceous actress also said some side chics love men more than their wives do, to the point that they even support them financially.

In her words; I saw a lot of comments on the post I made yesterday about a cheating wife and a lot of people were justifying the woman’s action.

Truth is, man can love his side chic, provide and protect her and still love his wife even more and will never neglect his family. But truth is But you see ehh, a woman can never cheat on her husband and still love him same way. In some cases, they start looking down on their husbands, begin to be authoritative over silly things, they begin to find fault in virtually everything their men does, the man that u fell in love with and had kids for will begin to irritate you for no reason.

They begin to compare their husbands strength with their man friend’s, they begin to harbor grudge more than necessary, they find it difficult to forgive or apologize etc. You all should stop comparing yourselves with men because men will always be men and the sooner you begin to accept the fact that you can’t compete with a man over infidelity the better for u.

Most of these so called side chics loves your husbands even more than you do oh yes….. A side chic can support your husband financially, emotionally, sexually and spiritually but you as a wife can’t even lend him a kobo even when u have millions in your account as a sign of support to the family.

Your side man friends can NEVER dump their partners because of you because they will have the mentality that if you can cheat on your husband with him, you can do worst things to him when he finally makes u his. So use your head and stop disgracing your children ! You may think nobody is seeing you but posterity will judge you sis. And you men that find joy in sleeping with people’s wives, posterity will judge you!

I have seen where a man marries more than one wife and still love them equally but I’ve never seen where a woman marries more than 1 man. Even in the Bible MEN NA OUR OGA! Feminists if you insult me on these post trailer will jam u.