A man who persistently chases a girl that rejected him lacks fatherly love – Engr Ayo

Nigerian software engineer, Ayo Salako has criticised men who insist on pursuing a woman that turned them down.

He asserted that such men most likely did not get sufficient love from their fathers at home hence the reason for their action.

The Influencer stressed that there is no need for a man to keep hope alive after a woman he admires firmly said ‘NO’ to his advances.

According to him, persistence in that scenario is not a proof that the person is a goal getter, rather it just means he lacks self esteem.

He further explained that there are certain endeavours in life where one can apply persistence, but it should not be while trying to get a woman.

Ayo, in a post on social networking service, Twitter used a dialogue between some fictional characters to drive home his point.

He wrote; Emeka: “I find you very attractive. I’d love for us to be together”

Precious: “I’m sorry. I’m not sure I’m emotionally ready for a relationship right now. Let’s just be friends”

Emeka: “Please na. Just give me a chance to prove myself”

Hian. Fathers, love your boys.

One of my favorite lines navigating this conversation: “A woman always knows”

As a man, one “No” from a woman is enough to walk away. Stop convincing her to see what she has chosen not to see except it’s not there. Pointless hanging around the venue after failing an interview. There are situations where you deploy persistence but not in the face of a blatant “No”.

Persistence in the face of a blatant “No” is the gameplay of esteem-deficient men. Whatever you beg to have, you’ll beg to keep. More times than not, she’s exercising options – there’s always a list in this order 👇

Dream man


“It is well”

If you’ve ever gotten any of these responses:

“Let’s see how it goes”

“Can you wait?”

“Emotionally, I’m not there yet”

“May the best man win”

You’re the fallback plan in case her options do not hit, the one she “settles for”, captain of “it is well” list. Don’t let a woman have to tell you twice. Walk away. You’re loved at home. If you’ve tasted genuine, unforced pampered love, you won’t settle for nonsense.