A man that can cope with a woman can rule a country – Pete Edochie

Legendary Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie has said any man who is able to cope with a woman under the same roof can rule a country.

The movie star made this remark in a video posted on his Instagram page, where he was talking about women’s roles at home and in society.

A man that can cope with a woman can rule a country - Pete Edochie

Edochie said any man who hits women out of provocation does not qualify to be a man. He added that women are not the easiest to be with but they turn a house into a home when they get into it.

The 77-year-old thespian said; “A house is a house but converts into a home only when a woman gets into it. The strength of a woman is in her tongue.

“If a woman provokes you and you strike her, you don’t qualify to be a man. But if you can cope with a woman, you can rule a local government, you can rule a country.”

In other news…

Popular gospel singer, Mercy Chinwo, has said that failure of leadership is one of the biggest problems bedevelling Nigeria.

She said that if she were in a position to change anything about the country in 2024 it would be the leaders and to end tribalism.

Mercy also expressed sadness that the country’s many resources are being mismanaged by those in power.

The musician said; “If I could, I would change the leadership in the country and end tribalism. Nigeria has so many great resources that are being mismanaged by the leadership, and a large part of the cause of that is tribalism; both on the part of the leadership and the followers. So, in 2024, that’s what it would be.”

She added that she intended to constantly become a better version of herself by intentionally engaging growth strategies that would positively affect her career and life in general.