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A man spent almost N3m on his babe but didn’t even get slippers from her – Lady says Nigerian women are stingy



A lady has taken to social media to berate Nigerian women while sharing her two cents on how she thinks Nigerians view the concept of love.

The woman identified on Twitter as @MarinatedTurks, shared the story of how a man spent 3 million on his girlfriend but did not even get as much as a slippers from her.

She shared the story while reacting to a challenge where Nigerian girls were asking their men to send account number, but the men did not think they were serious because it’s something they hardly do.

@MarinatedTurks who described Nigerian girls as stingy, said they often interpret love to mean sexual exchange and buying of food for ones partner.

In her words; ”Like i will say Nigerians don’t know what love is except sex and food.

I don’t know how you will be dating someone and your man will be doubting you want to surprise him lol na wa o.

That’s how somebody spent close to 3m on babe and didn’t get a slippers from her .

Stingy people.”

See her post:

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