A man shouldn’t be scared to spend his woman’s money – Nigerian lady

A Nigerian life coach and blogger has said that society makes men feel bad or scared of spending their woman’s money.

She asserted that it is now a norm for a man who is in need to have reservations about accepting money from their woman.

According to her, most guys always think about refunding any more their partner gave them and it should not be so.

She wrote; “I hate that men are too scared to spend their women’s money or even accept any form of financial help without immediately planning on how to return the money or it’s equivalent how did we even get here, how did we disrespect these men and make them so insecure?”

Reacting, @Austeiin said; Based on the engagement I’ve had with some dudes, most of these ladies end up using that moment of assistance to mock them or shade them later in the future & not many dudes have the strength to come back after their egos have been bruised. Thank for mine sha 🙏

@unclebobbybob; Davido’s cousin, nephew of Osun state’s governor, and son of a billionaire had issues with his wife. She came online to “tarnish” him that he asked her for 10k. She even dropped receipts. If your own wife that you have spent millions on can do that every man should be careful

@LouisExciting; Many women mock men badly when they are down financially. And it’s something that really gets to a man, a man loves to provide, if he has the slightest thought that the woman he is with will mock him for asking or spending her money when he does not have. He will not ask her

Meanwhile, it was reported earlier that a Nigerian man took microblogging platform, Twitter to celebrate his wife for doing something amazing for the family.

He revealed that she came back home with a large quantity of foodstuff which she transported using a keke napep (tricycle).

The husband known as @iamKristil said he was in the living room watching Television when he heard the sound of the keke outside only for him to see his wife alight with loads of provision.

According to him, she runs a tailoring establishment and it is the money she has been contributing from her shop since the beginning of the year that she used to buy the items.

He explained that she made him realise all the goodies was for their family to celebrate this Christmas season.

He expressed shock over what his wife did because he had been thinking of how to make the festive season a memorable one.

@iamKristil prayed for his woman and others like her who do similar things for their family.

Sharing a photo of the food stuff, he wrote; I dey parlour dey watch tv, I hear keke sound for our domot, my mind think say them bring cement for my Landlord wey dey build house. Next thing i hear na my wife voice, calling me.