A man and woman can never be ‘just friends’ – Pastor Tunde Ayeni

Senior pastor of Graceville Christian Centre, Abuja, Tunde Ayeni, has said that the idea of men being platonic friends with women cannot work.

He stated during a recent sermon in his church that there can never be mere ‘friendship’ between men and ladies without other feelings rising.

Tunde Ayeni women men friends

According to Ayeni, it is not possible for a man to have an innocent friendship with a woman, and vice versa, without getting romantic or sexual feelings.

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Reacting, napysure said; That’s a big lie, you don’t sleep with everyone. Everyone is not the same, people should stop using themselves as a yardstick for general behavioural patterns.

creativeoliver said: Ladies don’t like this discussion because they think they know it all. You don’t know what goes through the mind of guys but you do dey deceive yourself say you know, dey play

melanin_ruth; I have a male friend of over 14 years now and I can tell you for a fact that there’s nothing more than friendship to us, not everybody is promiscuous

judahadeyemi; Did you guys listen to what he said last at all? He said “If you don’t feel hurt after realizing that your opposite sxx friend has moved on marital-wise, YOU CAN NOW BE FRIENDS”

bubie_marie: I genuinely wish that our fathers of the faith would focus on the gospel instead of their own opinions.

Jesus was friends with Mary Magdalena and yet he was a virgin who NEVER TOUCHED HER, He had lots of females who were around him, who were his friends. If you’re a sexually depraved man who can’t see women as more than sex objects then just say that.