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A lady has been taking me out and paying for my meals since CBN froze my account – #EndSARS Protester appreciates a good Samaritan



A man who is among the End SARS protesters that had their bank accounts frozen by the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, has revealed how a lady helps him regularly.

Victor Babatunde has taken to Twitter to open up about how a good Samaritan lady has been taking him out and footing the bills ever since his account got frozen.

Recall that few weeks back, we reported how the CBN obtained an ex-parte order from a court to freeze the accounts of 20 #EndSARS promoters with the explanation that they could have been funding terrorism.

However, following the PND on Babatunde’s account, he has been unable to fend much for himself.

He revealed that the lady always pays for him and often times she slides her ATM card to him so it would appear as though, him (the man) is doing the payment to save him some shame.

Sharing his situation via Twitter, the young man wrote;

“This lady has been taking me on dates and paying the bills since CBN freezed my account, She also slides her atm card to me everytime with her pin on her phone so it’ll look like I’m the one paying.”

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