A friend I introduced to my business tried to secretly meet my supplier but she got duped – Nigerian vendor narrates

A Nigerian lady has narrated how a friend tried to play a smart move on her business-wise but ended up being scammed.

The vendor, who is also a student, said her friend often complained of being broke, she introduced her to the business she was doing.

According to the lady, the first order cost N25,000 but because of their friendship, she gave it to her for free.

She sold all the items in record time and came back for more supplies until it reached a day when she asked for her suppliers contact.

The benefactor refused to give out the contact details, so the recipient went behind her back to try and connect with the supplier.

She started going through the Instagram followers and reached out to someone she thought was the person supplying the goods.

She ordered fresh supplies and sent N180k to the person not knowing that it was not the right wholesaler, and that was how she lost the money.

The vendor wrote; “I have a friend. We are in the same school and department. She’s closest to me than other friends. I started one business and because she’s always complaining of being broke and borrowing up and down. I introduced her to my business. The first order that worth 25k. I gave her free.

She sold it fast and came back for more. I am the one supplying her. The difference between the price I’m buying and the price I’m selling to her is 500 per item cos she’s my friend. One day. She asked me to give her my suppliers contact. I told her no. That she should be buying from me. That I don’t use much gain to sell to her.

Do you know that this girl went behind my back and started check my followers on Instagram. I don’t follow my supplier. She later sent money to the person she guessed is supplying me and they duped her 180k. please I need sincere advice. Who are you blaming?”