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A friend had dinner with my wife and I, I tried to clear the plates but he said it’s my wife’s duty – Man reveals why he told his friend to never come to his house again



A man identified as @Shigoopompey has taken to Twitter to reveal that he banned his friend from coming to his house after he made a patriarchal comment.

He made to clear the dishes after they had dinner but his friend told him that it’s his wife’s duty. However, he would not take such disrespect dished at his wife, so the friend was asked to leave and never return.

@Shigoopompey tweeted; “A friend visited me sometime and we had dinner. When we were done, I tried to clear the dining and he said, I should call my wife to come clear it, that it’s her duty. I told him never to come to my house again

He added: “Please don’t come to my Dm to start talking in the nonsense. When you get married, you can take whatever decision you wish on your wife’s behalf. Thanks dearies.”

See the tweet below:

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