A family member that owes me N3m sent N2k as part refund – Lady laments

A Nigerian lady narrated how she supported a relative with her life savings while she was traveling out, only for the person to fail in paying back the money.

The lender known as Ola said she gave N3 million to the lady to use as prooof of funds, and that was all she had at the time.

However, the family member sent Ola just N2,000 as part refund of the total money she owes. The lady shared her story in response to a man who narrated something similar.

She wrote; ”Someone is owing me 3M , I helped with proof of funds .. All I had .. She sent me 2k last night as part of my 3M… She is family !!!”

Reacting, obaksolo; WHY! Human Being are just so hard to contend with😢😢😢😢
I no wan add my own Experience too, the person talk say I big pass the money make i forget am😂😂😂😂 I laff becos e don Close others door 🚪

okolifortune; Money don’t spoil relationships, people spoil relationships by how they handle other people’s money.

nekypee; When they want to borrow, they know how to bend neck like they have epilepsy and kwashiokor combined together 😂😂

nnenna_blinks_; What about person wey owe your money for months. The person say the money don ready but doesn’t want to send it because their account would look empty. That was when I knew some people suffer from selective madness

king_ugobest; Nigerians…, Which one is N2k out of N3M??? Why Una dey lie like this???😒😒😒😒

jamalmorgan_; I don’t borrow people money asides my immediate family..once you ask me for help and I credit you..I don lock up for the money..if you’re a good person you’ll refund and if you don’t …that’s the last money you’ll see from me ..that’s how I move

tenovertenautos; If u never lose friend due to loan, you never start to get friends be that.. better to lend money to a total stranger these days..

xlyteofficial; Na why, na why, na why people, na why people no dey help people be this 😂😭

dr_prince2; Somebody I help to secure US travel visa plus my 5m I added to her acct for POF is asking if she can come pay me back with $*x as she has used my money to Buy dollar for her PTA.

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