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A country that pays health workers N5k hazard allowance but gives lawmakers N1.2m newspaper allowance does not care about the health of citizens – Nigerian Doctor



A Nigerian medical doctor has condemned the Federal Government’s lack of provision of adequate welfare packages for medical professionals who put their life on the line for the survival of humanity.

The doctor, Muhammadu Shahidu Bala lambasted the government for paying health workers N5000 hazard allowance, while allocating 1.2 million naira to the National Assembly as newspaper allowance.

According to Bala, any government that prioritizes the payment of such huge amount for newspapers while neglecting health officials does not care about the health of its citizens.

“A country that pays its heath care workers N5000 as hazard allowance and its lawmakers 1.2 million as newspaper allowance is not at all serious about the health care of its citizens.” he said.

View his tweet below;

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