9ice used my alleged affair with his ex-wife to promote his album – Ruggedman

Nigerian rap veteran, Ruggedman has alleged that his colleague and former friend, 9ice betrayed their friendship by leveling false allegation against him.

The Hip Hop star spoke about his years-long feud with the ‘Gongo Aso’ crooner during a recent interview with Chude Jideonwo, and claimed that 9ice used rumours of his affair with his ex-wife, Toni Payne to promote his album.

According to Ruggedman, when the rumours of the affair went viral, he had asked 9ice to address it but the singer refused.

9ice used my alleged affair with his ex-wife to promote his album - Ruggedman

He said he was shocked when 9ice told him that “everybody should go and defend anything they want to defend”.

Ruggedman shared; “Let me tell you something, when I heard the song, I knew what he was talking about. He was talking about one of his exes and this was like two years before I introduced him to Toni Payne.

“I remember clearly I took him to Minna and I noticed he had a long face, he was not himself at some point. He finally opened up that he walked in on his then-girlfriend giving his friend a b*b and I was like woah. That was the last I had heard about the matter till that song, so I knew who he was talking about…

“I called him, he picked and we hailed each other and I was like this your song you released people are misunderstanding it, they are thinking you are talking about your wife and me. He was like of course not now and I said yes, I know it is not about me but this is what they are saying.

“The best you can just do is get your manager to do a press release and say this is what’s up. To me, I was saying this because this was my friend I was talking to but I was shocked when he said no.

“… I was like it is not the press, it is my fans and yours. He was still like I know, that everybody should go and defend themselves, that he does not have time.

“He threw me and his wife under the bus so he could sell CDs. Then it dawned on me that when his ‘Tradition’ album came out, that album was not moving until that rumor started.

“A lot of people went out to buy the album because they wanted to hear the part where he said Ruggedman and his wife.

“It really hurt me when I felt like he was throwing me and his wife under the bus just so he could sell CDs. That was the betrayal part, he even went as far as doing a song to diss me.”