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98 out of 100 richest women in 2014 made their money through divorce – Gordon Nathaniel

American talk show anchor, Gordon Nathaniel has asserted that divorce is a Ponzi scheme which women use to enrich themselves.

He said that 98 of the top 100 world’s richest women in 2014 got their wealth by divorcing their husband.

According to the host of Toxic Reality Show, only two women on the list of the wealthiest women got rich through their skills and hard work.

Nathaniel criticised the independent rich society women for claiming that it was their work and hustle which earned them their riches.

He said they deceived their husbands into thinking the union would be forever only for them to later file for divorce and take half of the wealth.

He claimed that 80 percent of women are the ones who intiate divorce and alienate their ex-husband’s from their childrens lives.

The presenter went on to accuse the women of only being good at stealing and destroying, saying they’ve never built anything.

Watch him speak below:

Meanwhile, a Nigerian woman has revealed that she and her husband got into a heated quarrel after he linked up with his ex-wife and brought her to his family home.

She said the woman was first married to her husband and they welcomed a son, but the marriage ended eight years ago.

However, during their recent trip home, the ex found her way to their village and told the man that she wants to see their son.

He took her to his family house and she met her mother-in-law who gave her a tour of the compound.

The former wife met the current wife in the house and exchanged pleasantries after which she left, but her hubby was not happy that his wife did not give his ex some refreshments or entertain her.

This provoked the woman who then chided him for following his ex around and being too familiar with her all of a sudden.

In her words; My husband was once married and had a son with his ex wife after which the got separated and bride price was returned. We got married 8 years later.

I came back from a trad wedding yesterday and was told that my husbands ex wife came to the house that she wants to see her son. I asked hubby he said she came around, i asked him how she got to know we were at the village he said he doesn’t know.

He started telling me how she loved him and don’t joke with him, how the man she is married to is not what she wanted and many things happening in her life. I asked him how he got to know because he knows virtually everything going on in her life he said she told him.