9 amazing health benefits of cassava

9 amazing health benefits of cassava

Cassava ( Manihot esculenta ) is a tuber crop with roots that looks like sweet potato. Cassava is a food that must be cooked properly for its benefits to be harnessed because the raw ones contains cyanide that is toxic to digest. Hence it must be well cooked before it is taken as food. Cassava can be turned into flour and taken as food via french fries, cassava bread, cassava chips. People produce tapioca, garri, fufu( santana), starch from cassava and these serves as a major source of food in Nigeria.

Cassava is rich in calorie, it contains high percentage of carbohydrate and important vitamins and minerals that are essential to the body. Cassava is also good source of vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin, it contains very little amount of protein and fat. The leaves are edible if cooked or dried in the sun, can contain up to 25 percent protein.

1 cup of raw cassava contains the following nutrients

  • calories: 330
  • protein: 2.8 grams (g)
  • carbohydrate: 78.4 g
  • fiber: 3.7 g
  • calcium: 33.0 milligrams (mg)
  • magnesium: 43.0 mg
  • potassium: 558.0 mg
  • vitamin C: 42.4 mg
  • thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin

Making Cassava part of your meal plans can help your body in many ways because Cassava has several health benefits. Here are 13 health benefits of Cassava that you might not be aware of.

1. It is useful for the Digestive System

Cassava contains fiber present in it which plays an important role by helping your body. It also helps improve your digestive system by absorbing all the toxins from your intestines and allowing a reduction in inflammation. This, therefore, keeps you healthy and away from any gastrointestinal problems.

2. It promotes good vision

The importance of Cassava as both a medicinal plant as well a vegetable is important to distinguish between. If consumed, Cassavas provide some vitamins and minerals to the body that we require daily. One of the vitamins that help in eyesight improvement is Vitamin A, and fortunately, Cassava is full of it.

3. It helps in Weight loss

Cassava contains a high amount of fiber, and that is exactly what you need if you are lose some weight. Losing weight could be tedious but having Cassava in your daily diet can become helpful as you will feel satisfied most of the time.

4. It increases the rate of hair growth and prevents breakage.

Cassava paste is very good in treatment of baldness, it is applied to the hair for an hour or two. Carefully wash your hair afterward to see the effects on the root. Repeat this process two times a week to make the results more prom. you would be saying goodbye to baldness a month into the remedy because you will find your hair growing way faster than before.

Females are always concerned about their hair breaking, this could be because of a poor diet or a bad environment. Women often try several ways to stop hair fall but only succeed a few times. This can, however, change through the use of the Cassava root. It help nourish the tips of your hair and also help revitalize the rear ends. This eventually leads to a reduction in the hair breakage.

5.It helps Smoothen and Brighten your Skin

The peel of the Cassava is an excellent remedy for any skin problems. You do not have to worry about those scars anymore as you can get rid of them with a simple solution. Cut the peels of Cassava and mix them into a paste. Spread that paste over your face or other affected areas for an hour and simply wash it to get the maximum result. You can also use it as a scrub to get rid of the extra oil in your face and shut the pores. This will help rejuvenate your skin and give you that necessary glow you have always wished for.

6. It helps in treatment of Diarrhea

Cassava roots contains high content of how antioxidants that help with diarrhea situations. Boiling the vegetable in water for an hour and then consuming it can help clean your stomach of all bacteria that plague it. This leads to a reduction in diarrhea symptoms and gradually an improvement in performance.

7. It Helps cure Fever

A well-known benefit of Cassava is how it helps in curing fever. Cassava leaves can be used to make a decoction that can help relieve you of feverish conditions. They can also help with the weakness and the pains that is felt while the body is fights off the bacteria inside the body. The Cassava leaf can also be eaten after boiling it for an hour, and this helps in improving health.

8. It aids wound Healing

Cassava leaves are known to work like Aloe Vera when applied to a wound. Either it is fresh or an old one; the Cassava leaf will work its magic because it is full of nutrients that help prevent infection as well as speed up the healing process. Squeezing the pulp out of the Cassava leaf and applying it to a burned area can also provide relief in many ways.

9. It helps in promoting Appetite

There are times when you wake up early in the morning, you might not feel the need to eat. There are other such instances in your daily life where you start avoiding eating whether it is because of depression or anxiety. The Cassava root can help change that and restore your appetite, so you do not have to worry too much about losing too many important nutrients.