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89-year-old woman who looks 50 reveals the secret of looking younger than her age (Video)



An 89-year-old woman identified as Yesu Mogya, has given valuable tips on longevity of life and how she has been able to keep looking forever-young.

In an interview with YEN, the Ghanaian woman who looks as though she’s in her fifties revealed that her grandparents lived up to 140 years and passed tips on longevity to her which she has applied until now.

Giving reasons for her younger look, Mogya said she never holds anger in her heart, never harbours jealousy or envy in her heart, does not lie, steal or backbite.

In addition, the Octogenerian disclosed that she also never eats street food as they are of low quality and are usually contaminated with poisonous chemicals from their packaging.

Watch the interview:

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