80-year-old man who went to work for rent money sent home with N41m donation

An old man whose house rent was recently increased by his landlord sought to make the money by going to work as a janitor at a high school.

Fortune however smiled on 80-year-old retiree when some students decided to seek assistance on his behal

Mr James house rent was increased by $400 (approximately N184,000), and he could not pay the additional accommodation cost so he was forced out of retirement.

Two kindhearted students known as Marti and Banner thought that it was not acceptable for a man his age to have to work to raise the money.

So they brainstormed and came up with the idea of raising money for him by creating a GoFundMe account with the help of a friend named Greyson.

Accoding to Goodnews Movement, they were able to raise a total of $90,000 (N41 million) for Mr James and handed over to him.

The elderly man was told to go home to enjoy his retirement and never bother about working again.

Goodnews Movement shared the man’s story on its official page and gave an update after the money had been given to the Octogenarian.

The post reads; “80-year-old Mr. James was forced out of retirement to work as a janitor at Callisburg High. He had never worked as a janitor but needed a way to cover the $400 a month increase.

Two kindhearted students Marti & Banner thought he shouldn’t have to work, so they approached their friend Greyson to fundraise online. Greyson said he was worried he may get hurt on the job— all agreed he was the sweetest old guy in the World.

Update: @goodnews_movement has sent Mr. JAMES HOME FOR RETIREMENT!!! Tonight we raised over $90,000 for Mr. James to retire. Thank you!!!”

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