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78-year-old woman robs bank with apology note

A 78-year-old Missouri woman, Bonnie Gooch has been arrested for robbing a bank, her third heist since 1977.

The incident happened last week in Pleasant Hill, Missouri where the septuagenarian allegedly passed a note to a teller demanding $13,000

According to The Kansas City Star, Gooch’s note also contained an apology to the teller for her action which caused panic.

“13,000 small bills. Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you,” the note read in part.

It’s the third time she’d be getting arrested for bank robbery. Her first conviction was in 1977 after she stole from a California bank, and she faced a second conviction in 2020, more than forty years later, for robbing a bank in Kansas.

Police apprehended Gooch later that same day at the Pleasant Hill Animal Clinic (less than two miles away from the incident). She was said to have reeked of alcohol and had a large amount of cash scattered across her car’s floorboard.

The Kansas City Star reports that Pleasant Hill Police Chief, Tommy Wright said the suspect had no “diagnosed” ailments, but they are working to discern whether any underlying health factors may have contributed to the incident.

“When officers first approached her, they were kind of confused … It’s a little old lady who steps out. We weren’t sure initially that we had the right person,” Wright explained.

Local media reports that the serial bank robber remains in Cass County Jail with a bond set at $25,000.

Meanwhile, CorrectNG reported earlier that a Nigerian lady identified as Doris Kendris single-handedly nabbed and bundled a thief that broke into her mum’s shop at night.

She revealed that she was able to tie him up and decided to wait till the next morning before taking another action.

The young photographer shared photos of the suspected thief who was bound with a rope and a part of the store door which he damaged trying to gain access into the store.

Doris, who described herself as wonder woman, gave an update hours later that he had been carried away by neighbours.

She wrote; “Guysssssss😭 I just caught a thief that came to steal from my mom’s shop. Long story short I have tied him and waiting for morning to reach.”

Doris added; “Update. People are awake now and he has been taken away. I’m Okay. (You can call me Wonder Woman shaa😕)”

A tweep @DerealEkpenyong recommended; Give him food he looks hungry.

But she replied; “I’m not giving him any food. For stressing me and giving me sleepless night. Why didn’t he come correct”