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7 ways to avoid poverty in 2020



It almost 2020 guys. The roars will be thunderous in a couple of hours, with delicious food and music. Have you asked yourself what happens next? Have you put your 2020 plans in motion, do you have any plans set for 2020 at all, or are you just focused on whatever works work.

Everyone wants personal success. Everyone wants to have a happy, healthy life, do meaningful work, enjoy a career, and achieve financial independence. Everyone wants to make a difference in the world, but just few are willing to put in the work.

If you plan on having the best of 2020, be ready to harnessed and channeled all you will be reading on this post as this will enable you to accomplish extraordinary things with your life.

Listed below is ways to avoid poverty in 2020

7. Education

With the way society is going you may even ask why it is necessary to go to college. If you don’t want to remain static for the rest of your life, then you have to get an education. Getting educated is a guaranteed way to avoid poverty in 2020. Going to school and getting educated are two different things. Just as reading is different from studying. Education is a better safeguard of liberty.  Education can open the door to a whole new world of opportunities and put you on the path to success. It helps us build opinions and have points of view on things in life.

Importance of education

  • Knowledge That’ll Last a Lifetime
  • Quality of Life
  • Confidence
  • Structure
  • Competency

6. Entrepreneurship (Start a business)

Most likely you have already identified a business idea, generating a business idea is a great starting point, but an idea doesn’t become a business without effort. So now it’s time to balance it with a little reality. I know you idea have the potential to succeed? It time to set the fear aside and start that business you have been proscating on starting. Many people think they have a great idea and jump into launching their business without thinking through who their customers will be.

Some entrepreneurs understand the effort necessary to create a business, but they are not familiar with the many steps required to launch a business venture. A lot of mistakes are made by new businesses rushing into things without pondering these aspects of the business. You need to find your target customer base. In order for a small business to be successful, it must solve a problem, fulfill a need or offer something the market wants. Starting a small business doesn’t have to require a lot of money, but it will involve some initial investment as well as the ability to cover ongoing expenses before you are turning a profit. Once your business is up and running, you need to start attracting clients and customers.

5. Skill development

Skill Concept. The meeting at the white office table.

The key to living your fullest potential is developing your skills. You can only live your fullest potential if you always develop your skills so that you can give better and better value over time. An essential ingredient to have good learning skill is motivation. If you are motivated to learn about a subject, it will be much easier for you to learn it. Reading is fundamental, and whatever skill you plan to develop, know that studying will make a difference.

One of the most effective yet underutilized strategies to continue to develop your skills on the job is consulting a professional mentor at work. When you’re aiming for a future career goal, there is no one better to ask than someone who has already done it successfully. It might take a lot of willpower, persistence and deliberate practice, but you can do it. There’s nothing that can stop you, if you’re determined enough.

4. Find Ways to Earn More

Unless you already make a lot of money, you need to find out ways to earn more. Opportunities to earn extra money abound for people at all levels of experience. If you are not making enough at your current job to cover your necessities and save money, then you need to find a way to increase your earnings. It may also mean looking at a long-term career change that will allow you to make more money. Freelancing is the next best thing to being paid more for your full-time work, because professional work always pays more than unskilled. If you have an area of expertise, you can create a website with ads and affiliate, share your ideas and make more money. You can checkout this post on HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM HOME.

3. Get a job

Let’s be blunt. You’re not entitled to a job if you do not position yourself to get one. The stress of job application and interview in Nigeria can be pretty annoying and frustrating, there are days when you just want to quit but lazing about and feeling dejected won’t put food on your table. Maybe you moved to a new city. Maybe you quit your job.  Whatever the circumstances, you’ve found yourself needing a job sooner rather than later. But before you start hunting down jobs, take a few minutes to set your job-search intentions and career goals. Work on restructuring your CV because you really do need a strong resume to land a job.

2. Start Budgeting

A budget is a roadmap for where your money will go so you can make your hard-earned income work for you. You may think that you don’t have enough money to budget when you are counting every penny, but you’re wrong. Creating a personalized budget is essential to developing the right spending habits, setting aside money for the long term, and ensuring the money in your bank account goes where it needs to. Budgeting is planning how and when you are going to spend every penny. In short, it means that you know where you are going to spend your money before it comes. While budgeting is always a great decision, it’s good to define goals before you start the process, since the reasons you’re budgeting may impact choices you make during the process. Before you can create a realistic budget, you need to know what your current spending habits are. If your budget isn’t realistic, it’s nothing more than a wishlist. When you are budgeting, you can also track your spending trends. A successful budget will also give you the information you need to help you manage your money more wisely.

1. Get Out of Debt

The fact is, people actually spend more than they earn each month. So it’s easy to see how so many people are struggling with debt. You cannot begin to build real wealth when you are paying more in interest than you are earning in interest. If you want to change your situation, you need to take the steps that will help you get out of debt. Getting out of debt isn’t easy but it is possible, even if you have no money. Read this article on Tips to avoid going broke


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