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7 Surprising uses of baking powder



Sodium bicarbonate is a chemical compound that is popularly known as baking soda. Baking Soda is not only used for baking process but it has some amazing properties that are beneficial as home remedies for a lot of problems.

Do you know that baking soda can help your body to be balanced? This is because it has basic properties that creates the body balance. It is very safe to be taken orally hence its effect in the body.
Are you already thinking about what it can do for you? Let us check them out:

1. It can be used as an effective antacid

Baking soda being a basic compound is highly effective at neutralizing acid in the stomach. This makes it an excellent choice when suffering from heartburn, acid indigestion or other cases associated with acid over secretion. Baking soda can also help in recovery from peptic ulcers because it reduces acid levels which is essential for ulcer healing.

2. It Can be used to whiten teeth

You have heard about baking powder having whitening effect on the teeth. It is true! It removes tooth stains and keep your gum in good position.
Care should be taken when using it on the teeth, this is because of its abrasive texture that can cause harm to the enamel which can lead to sensitivity. Once in a week application is enough, just gently apply it to your teeth with a finger, allow it for few minutes then wash off- no need for harsh brushing. Baking soda can be mixed with water to freshen breath also.

3. It helps to improve performance

One of the limiting factors that determine the performance of athletes is lactic acid. Lactic acid is usually produced as a result of muscle metabolism, and accumulates the longer a work period. If the accumulated lactic acid is not removed in a timely manner, the force with which muscles contract diminishes rapidly, and fatigue shuts down movement. Baking soda buffers accumulation of lactic acid, and allows you to perform at a higher intensity for longer periods of time. Just add a teaspoon to your drinking water while you work out and notice the difference.
It might get sick if you take too much of it.

4. It helps to reduce Inflammation

Many inflammatory conditions in the body occurs with alteration in acidic states hence addition of baking soda will be an excellent idea. Gout flare-ups, for example, is precipitated by an accumulation of uric acid levels. Baking soda can actively buffer this accumulation and bring about relief from the pain.

5. It can help to soothe skin conditions

Sunburn can cause agonizing pain to people who experience it, it usually take days or weeks to heal completely. Baking soda will not speed up healing but it does have a very soothing effect on the painful and tender sunburnt areas, and can be applied in the form of a paste. You can also add some to a warm bath soak and sit in it for a while, which also helps with flare ups of psoriasis. It is not necessary to rinse off the baking soda, as it helps form a protective layer on the skin.
Note that it can have sensitivity effect when taken by some people hence care should be taken when using it.

6. It can be used to treat insect bites and stings

There are people that are sensitive to the bites and stings of insects such as mosquitoes and bees which breaks out in large rashes at the area of contact. But applying baking soda paste on the affected spot not only helps minimize redness, but also soothes itching on contact. Leave overnight for best results, and have a look in the morning- you are bound to be pleasantly surprised.

7. It can used to reduce diaper rash or chafing

Babies do experience diaper rash often, and even adults sometimes suffer from the skin rubbing  between the legs generating sore(chafing). They are both very painful, but can be soothed via application of baking soda paste. Many over the counter diaper rash remedies contain baking soda as an ingredient, as evidenced by the gritty texture of many of them. Apply it overnight  and in the morning you will see the result.

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