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7 Reasons why You should drink enough water



Our body is made up of about 75% of water which makes it very vital for our well being. It is involved in many of our body functions that is why it is classified among the classes of food as a macronutrient.

Little amount of water is gotten from the food we eat while a greater part is gotten from the beverages that we consume which might not be adequate hence the need for water to be taken.

Drinking water is more than quenching our taste, it does plays very vital roles in our bodies.

Let us explore the reasons why you should drink enough water

1. It helps prevent dry mouth.

The major component of saliva is water. Saliva also contains some amounts of electrolytes, mucus, and enzymes.  This helps to break down food, keeps your throat and lips moist and prevents your mouth from feeling dry. Dry mouth usually  causes bad breath and/or an unpleasant taste and can even promote holes in your teeth.

2.  It maintains body temperature

Adequate hydration is very important for regulation of temperature. The body releases heat by expanding blood vessels close to the skin’s surface during exercise and in hot environment, resulting in more blood flow and more heat dissipated into the air. When you’re dehydrated, however, it takes a higher environmental temperature to trigger blood vessels to widen, so you stay hotter.

3. It helps prevent constipation

There are some people that are always suffering from constipation due to their lack of water intake. Another major way of taking care of taking care of constipation beside the consumption of fiber is by adequate hydration. It is also necessary to maintain your water intake so your bowel movements contain enough water.

Lack of enough water, magnesium, and fiber  may  likely make you to experience constipation. If you are already constipated, you may find that drinking carbonated  as well as plain water can help ease your symptoms.

4. It promotes cardiovascular health.

Water is a major constituent of blood. Dehydration reduces your blood volume, so your heart must work harder to pump the reduced amount of blood and get enough oxygen to your cells, which makes everyday activities like walking up stairs to be more difficult.


5. It helps keep skin healthy

Adequate water intake will help keep your skin hydrated and supple. When a person is severely dehydrated, it makes the skin to be less elastic. This is different than dry skin, which is usually the result of soap, hot water and exposure to dry air. Also, water help to promote collagen production, however, water intake alone is not enough to reduce the effects of aging. This process is usually connected to your genes and overall sun protection.

6. It helps muscles and joints to work better.

Adequate hydration helps the water inside and outside the cells of contracting muscles provides adequate nutrients and removes waste efficiently so you perform better. Water is also important for lubricating joints and it will help to relieve arthritis.

7. It helps cleanse your body.

Water is necessary for the  kidneys to filter waste from the blood and excrete it in urine. Keeping hydrated may also help prevent urinary tract infections and kidney stones. If you are severely dehydrated, your kidneys may stop working, causing toxins to build up in your body. Your body uses water to sweat, urinate, and have bowel movements. You need water to replenish the lost fluid from sweat.


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