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7 popular hashtags of 2019



The power of social media is interestingly something you cannot joke with. If you want quick justice, bring it to the media and with the help of hashtags, several issues were treated fast.

Lets take a look at 7 popular hashtag of 2019

7. #PastorStepDown

Following the sexual assault allegations levied on Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo, Nigerians are charging him to step down. This motion was moved by Akah Nnani who was a member of Coza. Many Nigerians including celebrities commented on the allegation and chosen to stand with Busola who they believe was speaking her truth giving that this is not the first time Pastor Biodun will be accused of carrying out such act with a female church member.

6. #NoLeaveNoTransfer

Tacha is definitely basking in the euphoria of the success she has attained with her participation at the Big Brother Naija. The reality star who coined the word “No Leave No Transfer” as her motor got so many Nigerians using the word as hashtag to show their support for her during the live show and after her disqualification. Tacha was disqualified for getting physical with fellow housemate “Mercy”.

5. #SayNoToXenophobia

Online, tens of thousands of people on the continent have spoken out against the riots using the hashtag #SayNoToXenophobia, sometimes asking why South Africans were attacking their African “brothers and sisters.” The 2019 Johannesburg riots occurred in the South African city of Johannesburg from 1–5 September 2019, leading to the deaths and loss of business of fellow countrymen. This was followed by a reparisal attack where South African own brands were targeted in countries around Africa.

4. #EndSars

EndSARS Is a Nigerian Social Media Movement Calling Out Chilling Incidents of Police Brutality. Using the hashtags #EndSARS and #EndSARSNow, these countless stories show that SARS has been doing everything but protecting citizens, from Nigerians being held at gunpoint, robbed and kidnapped, to being arrested without charge, forced to pay bribes and even shot by the unit. A number of celebs have been very vocal about the ills perpetrated by Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) officials following several reports of their brutality. 

3. #FreeSoworeNow

In 2019, Sowore was arbitrarily detained by the President Muhammadu Buhari regime by August 3, which levied baseless charges against him for organizing the #RevolutionNow protest movement, a movement with aims to oppose the rampant government corruption that still plagues the country. On August 3, 2019, two days prior to the planned #RevolutionNow protests, the Department of State Services operatives raided Sowore’s hotel room without a warrant, arbitrarily arresting in the early hours of the morning. He appeared in court countless times with DSS refusing to honor the judge request of releasing him. The hashtag was created by his supporters to fight injustice.

2. #NigeriaVsKenya

In July 2019, Kemi Omololu Olunloyo, Nigerian Journalist triggers a Nigeria-Kenya Twitter war when she said she would not attend a media summit in Nairobi for safety reasons. Many people from both sides have jumped into the fray, posting ridiculous and hilarious tweets, and trading insults that attack each nation’s weaknesses and highlight the strengths. The  hashtag #kenyavNigeria and Kenya trended as number one and two on Twitter Nigeria trend and she succeeded in influencing 47M Kenyans

1. #RevolutionNow

Mr. Omoyele Sowore the founder of online news medium Saharareporters have been clamoring for a total overhaul of the system. He’s leading a nationwide protest tagged #RevolutionNow against incompetence of the government and the nonworking state of the country- in what he called demand for a new Nigeria.  In the middle of the night the state security service went to ransack Mr. Sowores apartment and get him arrested as they have done to other activists in the last few years, the government’s usual modus operandi. This led to him getting arrested and detained by DSS

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