7 common mistakes couples make on their wedding day

7 common mistakes couples make on their wedding day

There are some mistakes couples do make on the day of their wedding and this gets me asking, “What could they have been thinking?”

Truly there is no couple in the surface of the earth who would like their guests muttering words and whispering complains here and there. Every couple likes to hear encouraging words that shows the satisfaction they got at the wedding. Though despite your best preparations and plans, sometimes we still experience some leakage somehow and most at times after the day’s celebration, couples begin to ask, “Could this mistake have been made?” and that is why we should never neglect the things we look down on.

Frankly speaking, couples are so busy doing many things on their wedding day and they tend to pay attention to some important part that looks less important to them.

Now, I will be showing to you common mistakes that couples make on their wedding day that can probably ruin that blissful day. Intending couples can also learn from these mistakes as it will help you not to go in the same direction.

1. Forgetting to thank the Guests

If someone had visited you with some gifts and presents, it is proper to thank the person very much for the love they’ve shown and the gifts they’ve got for you. If you don’t thank them, the truth is that they will feel sad and that will tell on them how ungrateful you are.

Your guest came with gifts to your wedding. They stopped by leaving their tight schedule just to celebrate with you. Their hearts will be filled with joy and happiness when they notice that what they’ve done for you is appreciated. You appreciate them by going to them while they are about leaving the reception hall. Don’t make the mistake of letting your guests go without you saying a big thank you.

2. Speaking out of intoxication

If the mistake of speaking while intoxicated is made, believe me, it will be the talk of the town. And am sure you wouldn’t want that. If on the chance that you are going to make any speech, try doing it before the drinking and all that. Most couples get drunk and then take on the microphone which is very wrong. The speech you should be making has to come out of a clear mind. Remember that the video camera is there doing his job and you wouldn’t want to start apologizing to your friends and families for making a silly speech at your wedding.

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3. Beware of the wardrobe malfunction

One funny thing to do on your wedding day is not properly looking up to the mirror to see how properly dressed you are. The biggest mistake you can make is putting on black underclothes with a white dress. You need to get some fashion tips that can help you choose the right dress to put on. If you are going to rent a wedding, make sure to amend some of the torn sides and make sure to get it washed properly.

Also, try not to apply much make-up on your face, be moderate and simple.

4. Getting late to the altar

How would you feel if you attended a friend’s wedding and you had to wait for hours before they got to the altar? Am sure you won’t be happy about that. Your guests shouldn’t be waiting for you; you ought to be the one waiting for them. Getting late to your own wedding signifies a nonchalant attitude which may also have a negative effect on your marriage. If you get to the altar on time, the program can then hold properly and on time too. If you should ever be late, then it should be on the ground of something beyond your power maybe some natural force.

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5. Less food and drinks

I must say that this is an important aspect that intending couples should carefully look into on their wedding day. Why is this important? Most persons coming are of the expectation that they will also have what to take back to their various homes. Now if the food and drinks are not enough for them, which will definitely be a talk of the town.

To make this simple and easy, you made the visitors list and you know well the number of guests you’d be expecting. Having known this, make sure you have enough food and drinks for them. Honestly, no guest will feel happy leaving the hall without a drink. So make your plans well and assign trust-worthy persons to be in charge of that department.

6. Where is the Ring?

As funny as this sound, it happens often in most weddings. Actually, the couple isn’t supposed to be with the ring as it is the work of the best man but what happens if he had left the ring in the other coat? It will be a big blow on you right? To avoid such, you need to constantly ask your best man to put tight the ring in his coat. Before getting into the car, ask him of the ring again. It’s your day and if things go wrong, people will mount the blame on you. Don’t make the silly mistake of searching for the ring right in front of the altar.

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7. Not relating to anyone that your “ex” is coming

This will not only be a mistake on that day but might create some problem of doubt in the marriage. It’s good to invite anyone to your occasion but when it comes to this, kindly let the present partner know that your ex is attending the occasion. The earlier the better they say. Inform your partner on time so they won’t be taken unaware of your ex visit.

Failing to inform anyone that your ex is coming to the occasion may create doubt and lack of trust between two spouses. So, be wise not to put your marriage in jeopardy.

Some ex might just have the intention of creating chaos in the occasion but if your partner is fully aware of their coming, he/she would be able to handle their silly acts.

Mistakes are bound to be made especially on big occasions, but the truth is that you can learn to minimize them.

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